Original Historic Port Columbus Airport Terminal Restoration

The original Port Columbus Airport Terminal, built in 1929, needs your help to be restored back to its former glory and make it into a Center of New Business Development for Startups & for The Community. Originally sited by Aviator & Entrepreneur Charles Lindbergh to be a hub on the Transcontinental Air Transport system, the building was converted to offices and has slowly degraded due to years of unoccupancy and neglect.
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About the Campaign

The Original Port Columbus Administration and Terminal building was stabilized in 2016 with a new roof and the tear-out of the rotted interior. The next phase is a $2.1 million renovation. We need to raise $800,0000 to activate a combination of grants, tax credits, and debt financing to restore the building and install a business development center and interactive museum that honors the entrepreneurial spirit of Lindbergh and creates new and exciting innovations in aerospace and transportation.  Our stretch goal of $1.8 million would completely fund the project without additional outside support and create an endowment to support the maintenance of the building for the foreseeable future.

Your tax-deductible donation will insure the survival of this iconic building and bring resources to a new generation of innovators that will drive the future of new companies, new products, and new jobs.  In this new space, we will bring an integrated and interactive learning experience for those that visit, and event venue to host private and public functions, and a business development center with offices, shared spaces and other amenities of a modern incubator and accelerator space.

As a special incentive, those that give at the $300.00 level or above will receive a limited 24″ x 36″ poster in a museum quality frame.

The SunDown Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit, public charity, is acting as the fiduciary agent for this project.

Stabilization (Phase I) Supporters

The Phase I supporters have kept the terminal from deteriorating.  The old interior was removed and a new roof and improved drainage was installed.  We thank these supporters for saving the terminal.  Now, let’s all come together to bring this historical structure back to its former glory and support new businesses that will create the next generation of innovative companies for Ohio.

Restoration (Phase II) Supporters

Press Coverage

Giving Levels

  • $500,000 – Naming Rights to the Building
    Etch your legacy into a piece of aviation history with the naming of the business development center after your family or corporation
  • $50,000 – Naming Rights to an Office or Conference Room
    Etch your legacy as part of this undertaking to save a piece of American aviation history
  • $1,500 – Interactive Exhibit Supporter
    The building will have integrated and interactive exhibits.  Using the latest in augmented reality, hold up your mobile device to take an interactive tour and interact with computer generated avatars that will transport you back in time.
  • $1,000 – Control Tower Supporter
    The Control Tower will be upgraded to be a war room for media monitoring and a data analytics lab.  Big Data… Bigger Ideas.
  • $500 – Layover Cafe Supporter
    The Layover Cafe will be a space within the terminal that will be a small full service cafe and bar, where visitors and tenants can grab a quick bite to eat with menu items inspired from Harvey House, the caterer to the TAT’s in-flight and on-train meals.
  • $300 – Office and Conference Room Supporter
    Get your name added to a specific conference room, office, or suite.
  • $200 – Platinum Level Supporter
    Your name added to the list of supporters that will be on display in the main entry.
  • $100 – Gold Level Supporter
    Your name added to the list of supporters that will be on display in the main entry.
  • $75 – Silver Level Supporter
    Your name added to the list of supporters that will be on display in the main entry.
  • $50 – Bronze Level Supporter
    Your name added to the list of supporters that will be on display in the main entry.

Risks to The Project

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) is the owner of this facility. The goal of the Restoration Committee is to see this building preserved. This preservation can take two forms that would be acceptable to the committee. The 1st, which we are proposing, is to have a restored facility that is open to the public to experience the history of the space and interact with exhibits and also a place for entrepreneurial ventures to take flight. The 2nd option is that the space is leased strictly for commercial use and would be closed to the public and used only for the private company that leases the building and makes whatever interior changes they wish. With these two competing interests it becomes a game of who can get to the table 1st. In order to secure our vision of having a fully restored historical space that is functional will require us to hit our goal.

If for some reason we do not hit our goal or another organization leases the space before we can secure rights to the space, we will refund your donation to the project.

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One comment

  • Darcie

    I absolutely love that building! I worked for the owner; who also owned an aerial photography company occupying a large portion on the second floor. I Dont know any words that could express enough gratitude I have for the experience I gained in my first graphic/photography job after college with Top Site Aerial Photography, nor the privelage of working with the worlds best boss and the greatest coworkers.
    I’m not in the financial position to donate, but I encourage any and all who are capable, to help save this piece of history. At the time I was employed there, it was the communication building for the President of the United States, I met Bill Clinton’s photographer, saw my first real life sniper and held onto the chain linked fence feeling the excitement like a little kid being so close to the President’s plane.

    Please save this building!

    June 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm